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Admission 2014/15 announcement -NEPAL EBENEZER BIBLE COLLEGE



Besin Gaun, Jorpati-4

Post Box No 8975, EPC 1952, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Phone: 977-1-4915976, Email:


Proposed Degree: Bachelor of Theology

Duration: Three Years

Medium: English

Ebenezer Bible College invites application from all who meet the following requirements:

  • At least two years of born again experience (with baptism) and commitment to the God’s call for His ministry.
  • Applicants should be  10+2 or equivalent by the time of the entrance exam.
  • In case of mature candidate (that is 25 years old and above), SLC or equivalent and 4-5 years of experience in Christian ministry. Mature candidate needs to produce the certificate of experience.
  • Completely filled in application form should be submitted by July 4th 2014 along with two auto size and two passport size recent photographs and photocopies of all the certificates.
  • There will be an entrance exam on 24th July. Interview on 25th July. Orientation for the selected candidates will be on 27th July. Only those candidates who prove themselves competent and fulfill the requirements laid down by the college will be selected for the enrollment.
  • Over 75% of the total fees will be provided upon application as a scholarship for the needy students.

If you have an experience of God’s call unto His ministry and want to be trained and equipped in God’s word, then please contact us for Application Form:

Nepal Ebenezer Bible College

Phone: 977-1-4915976



Note: Application form can be downloaded from

What’s wrong with our education?


The question that is raised is very pertinent and important for us to address. If we see the education system today, though there is burgeoning of degrees, seldom there is quality. Though there is burgeoning of educated people, seldom there is moral consciousness in the people. What could be the reasons that has led to this state? I am not intending to find answers here but at least trying to provoke the readers to think of these issues and try to find answers with those who are sensitive to these issues.

Education plays a very important role in our society. It informs the mind and transforms our actions so that we directly contribute to the betterment of the society. Many a times we find this is not the ‘education’ we are talking about. Education in today’s context often considered as a commodity to be used for the betterment of the self. This is a consumerist idea. It is all about making money. It is saddening to see how education is leading to illiteracy of different kind. Though we are educated, still we remain uneducated on matters of the betterment of the nation.

Let us now try to trace out the reasons why education is leading to illiteracy. Firstly, there is a lack of fraternity among the member of the society. When you are not concerned about your neighbor, obviously your education will be for self-gratification. The result could be devastating such as corruption, discrimination based on gender, race, religion, ethnicity and region. Secondly, there is lack of motivation among the members of the society. When you do not have interest in education, it may lead to ignorance. The result of ignorance is very dangerous as it may lead you into enslavement. In other words you will be a victim of demagogic institutions. Thirdly, mediocrity in education. This reason is a combination of the above two reasons – self-gratification combined with ignorance. This is most frightening of all the reasons. The ramifications of this reason are very disastrous. In gratifying yourself, you will be ignorant or deliberately be ignorant about the harm you are incurring on your fellow being.

If the above reasons are with regard to an individual, then how about the educational system at large? Our education system is mostly based on ‘mugging-exam’  oriented system. In other words the modus operandi of education is memorization of concepts and laying it down on the paper during exam. The pedagogic institutions here mostly follow the above modus operandi. Our pedagogy is more of accumulation of information than understanding and conceptualizing the information. This may lead to ‘intellectually lethargic’ education among those who teach and the taught. This is the reason why there is no quality in our education system.

May I propose few recommendations with regard to the betterment of our education. Firstly, it should start with humanitarian concern. One should feel moral responsibility towards one’s neighbor. This will lead a ‘self-less’ education in which education becomes a dynamic tool for the betterment of the society. An individual in turn may become a ‘transforming agent’ contributing towards ‘sarvodaya’ of all. Secondly, there is need for ‘motivation’ to be educated. If we are not motivated to be educated, then education itself becomes a burden. Thirdly, a transformation of education system into a ‘synthesis’ of ‘analytical-exam’ oriented system. Our pedagogical institution should inculcate this system where a student is taught how to analyze and conceptualize. Based on his/ her understanding of information, he/she should be examined to know the efficacy of student. This ‘synthesis’ should be based on ‘subject-based.’

Lastly, our education should be supplemented with the moral teaching. Without moral teaching our education will be merely a means to accumulate knowledge or a mere abstract studies devoid of sense of morality. Our schools, institutions, colleges and universities should produce not just well-informed pupils but educated pupil with good moral consciousness. If we succeed in achieving the above, the feeling of fraternity will enhance success of the individual  and also contributes to the betterment of the society and the nation at large. The result of such a society is a state of peace (Shalom).

Let me end this article by quoting Late. Nelson Madella who said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” May I add to this by saying that even the weapon needs to harnessed and sharpened for the better change!