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Dharmasastriya Prakash: A Journal for Theological Awakening

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Nepal Ebenezer Bible College proudly introduces the first-ever theological journal.

Focus: Theological colleges, churches and Christian NGOs, Pastors, lay leaders

Article types: Biblical, theological, missions, apologetics and other social and moral issues addressed from Biblical and theological perspective


To clarify Christian faith to the Church, and defend the same to the world with love and to engage in scholarly dialogue with Nepal’s theological academia.


1. To awaken a theological consciousness that is rooted in Biblical teaching.

2. To awaken theologians, Pastors, leaders and students towards a ‘theological praxis’ in order to engage in the society in a wholistic manner.

3. To awaken an ‘apologetic consciousness’ in truth and love to defend and clarify Christian faith in a multi-religious context of Nepal.

4. To awaken the need for dialogue over different theological issues in Nepal’s theological academia.

Anticipated results:

1. Maturity of Nepali church in terms of understanding, articulating its faith.

2. Defense of the Gospel with love to Nepal’s intelligentsia and also at the grass-root level.

3. A well balanced ‘theological praxis’ to meaningfully engage in Missions in a wholistic manner.

4. Maturity of Nepal’s theological academia through scholarly dialogues.

5. Comprehensibility and acceptance of the Gospel by people of other faiths.

6. Solidarity of the churches.

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