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‘Imperfect’ Perfect!


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We live in a world where everyone craves for perfection. You are expected to be a winner, fulfill the expectations, and up to the standard. However, it is quite inhumane! We are imperfect! We do not see that it’s perfectly alright to be imperfect. It is through our imperfection we learn and unlearn things.

I was surprised to see how we build our relationships by mirroring consumeritic mentality. We want to use the other to fulfill our expectations. We would always anticipate that others would make you happy rather than asking how one can be happy in spite of no one making you happy.

As we are in Lent season, I am quite amazed how Christ still has those scars on His resurrected body. It is ‘imperfect’ perfect. It is quite contrary to the modern thinking of perfection. Those scars remind us that we are broken and imperfect but in the end God would engineer something new out of those imperfections. So, when we really embrace those imperfections, we can work towards being perfect!


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